Layne Designs

Layne Designs is dedicated to fine quality craftsmanship so that each piece may be treasured as an heirloom. Founder, Layne Freedline has a passion for the beauty of hand-wrought metal objects. She brings to the craft a sleek, modern style with ties to the natural and cosmic. A fascination with the earth's gems and fossils has peppered her high fashion collection with unusual gems from around the world. "There is nothing like holding a gem in your hand, a sparkling treasure from the earth, and honoring it with a beautiful setting for the joy of a beautiful woman." -LF

Artist Statement
I work in elemental materials, treasures from earth. The metal frames a jewel to allow others to engage with the gem, to wear it, treasure it, keep it safe. Because of the everlasting nature of these materials, I consider how one is remembered by future generations from the jewelry that they wore and passed down. It is a privilege to work in these fine materials. My approach focuses on fresh style with a thread of reverence.

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